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Beauty Enhancement

Elevate Your Radiance

Go beyond the ordinary and unlock your most brilliant, confident self with Justy Beauty Lounge’s transformative beauty enhancements. Our highly trained artists and specialists channel skill and ingenuity to provide premium treatments that accentuate your unique, radiant features.

Makeup Artistry

From flawless everyday looks to showstopping glamour, our makeup artists are masters of the perfect application. We use high-quality, long-wearing products to sculpt, define and illuminate your features for a truly radiant complexion. Customized makeup lessons also available.

Eyelash Services

Amplify your gaze with lush, fluttery eyelash extensions meticulously applied strand-by-strand. We also offer lash tints, lifts and other enhancing treatments to make your eyes smolder. Our lash artists create stunning yet lightweight lash looks.

Hair Removal

For smooth, hair-free skin, we provide precise waxing for the face and body, plus expert threading services for the perfect brow or lip line. Our aestheticians ensure a comfortable, long-lasting hair removal experience.

Lash Extensions

Amplify your eye-catching gaze with luxurious eyelash extensions. Our lash artists use premium synthetic and silk extensions to create customized lush, fluttery looks from subtle to dramatic styles. Lash tints and lifts also available.

Body Adornment Studio

Express your individuality through beautiful, permanent and semi-permanent body art crafted by Justy’s talented team of tattoo artists, piercers, and body modification experts. In our exclusive Body Adornment Studio, you can get custom tattoo designs rendered with intricate detail and vibrant artistry. Complement your new ink with expertly performed piercings using high-quality jewelry for your face, ears, navel and more.

Tattoo Artistry

Express yourself through the art of tattoos. Our team of talented tattoo artists are masters at bringing your creative vision to life on your skin. Whether you want vibrant colors, intricate line work, realistic portraits, or any other custom design - our artists use high-quality inks and sterile techniques to give you a beautiful, one-of-a-kind tattoo.

Piercing Services

Express your personal style and add a little extra shine with our professional piercing services. Our experienced body piercing experts use only sterile, high-quality jewelry and perform piercings for noses, navels, eyebrows, ears and more - all done with utmost safety and care.

Permanent Makeup

From defined lips to defined lash lines and brows, our permanent makeup services use advanced pigments and tools to enhance your features with makeup that literally never comes off. It's a time-saving and confidence-boosting solution that keeps you looking your best 24/7.


Say goodbye to sparse brows and the daily hassle of filling them in. Our skilled technicians use the microblading technique to manually draw on individual hair-like strokes with semi-permanent pigments. This gives you beautiful, naturally full brows that last 1-2 years before needing a touch-up.

What Clients Say

I'm so in love with the sleeve tattoo Justy Beauty Lounge artists created for me! They took the time to really understand the meaningful design I wanted and executed it with incredible detail and craftsmanship. The entire process from consultation to completion was professional yet relaxed. I'm already planning my next tattoo here.

Samantha R.

Getting pierced at Justy was one of the best experiences I've had. Their piercer was so skilled, gentle and reassuring during the entire process. He thoroughly explained proper piercing care and aftercare. My new daith piercing is perfectly placed and healing great thanks to his expertise. I'm so glad I chose Justy Beauty Lounge for my first non-earlobe piercing.

Nedu T.

he microblading service gave me the perfect eyebrows I've always wanted! The artist was incredibly talented and took the time to customize the shape and color to suit my face. Two years later, my brows still look amazing. The semi-permanent results are incredible and have saved me so much time and effort. I'm a lifetime Justy Beauty Lounge client now!

Agatha P.

Book Your Body Artistry Transformation

Are you ready to unleash your most confident, self-expressed self through stunning body art and beauty enhancements? Don’t wait – book your appointment at Justy Beauty Lounge’s exclusive Body Adornment Studio today. premium products, they’ll meticulously execute a luxurious makeover.