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Massage Therapy

Relax, Renew, Restore

At Justy Beauty Lounge, our massage therapy services provide a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Our team of licensed and certified massage therapists are highly trained in a variety of modalities to melt away stress and tension.

Swedish Massage

This classic relaxation massage uses long, gentle strokes combined with kneading techniques to increase circulation and induce full-body relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Targeted pressure is applied to reach deeper muscle layers, helping to relieve chronic muscle tension, knots, and recovery from injuries.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated basalt stones are used to provide deeply penetrating heat that relaxes tight muscles as the warm stones are pressed along the body.

Aromatherapy | Foot Scrub | Scalp Massage

Take your relaxation to even greater heights by adding one of our luxurious enhancements to your massage service. Choose from the soothing effects of aromatherapy, where premium essential oil blends are used to create a calming, therapeutic scent during your massage.

Transcendent Massage Therapy

Unlock a new level of relaxation and rejuvenation through the masterful massage therapy services at Justy Beauty Lounge. Our team of licensed and highly trained massage therapists channel skill, intuition and a nurturing energy to provide full-body experiences that transcend ordinary massage.

Pregnancy Massage

This nurturing massage is specially designed for the unique needs of expectant mothers. Our licensed prenatal massage therapists use specific techniques to help reduce swelling, alleviate muscle cramps and joint pain, and improve circulation.

Thai Oil Massage

An ancient healing technique meets modern luxury pampering. Our authentic Thai massage starts with warm, nourishing oils that prepare the body for deep, precise pressure and stretching movements.

Head Therapy

Experience tranquil relaxation through this rejuvenating scalp and head massage treatment. Our therapists use specialized techniques to knead away tension and stress stored in the neck, shoulders and scalp. Pressure point therapy along energy meridians helps relieve headache pain, improve circulation, and induce an overall sense of calm and clarity.

Couple Massage

Reinvigorate your connection while indulging in total relaxation together. In our serene couple's suite, you and your partner will be treated to synchronized massages from two dedicated therapists. Whether you prefer Swedish relaxation, therapeutic deep tissue, warm bamboo, or another specialty massage - your individual needs are customized.

What Clients Say

The hot stone massage at Justy Beauty Lounge was one of the most incredible massages I've ever experienced. From the second I walked into the serene treatment room, I could feel the stresses of the day melting away. The massage therapist had the most skilled and soothing touch as she worked the heated stones over my tight muscles. I left feeling rejuvenated and so incredibly relaxed. It's an indulgence I treat myself to regularly!

Marta J.

As someone who works out intensely, Justy's sports massage is a game-changer for keeping my body recovered and performing at its best. The therapists really understand athletes' needs. They targetspecific areas with deep pressure to relieve soreness and stiffness. But they also incorporate full-body relaxation techniques. After every session, I feel like a million bucks - muscles soothed and ready to take on my next tough workout.

Dauda Y.

My husband and I loved our couples massage experience! The side-by-side massage allowed us to unwind together while still getting completely personalized attention from our therapists. The massage itself was fantastic, but the little extras like the aromatherapy and scalp massage made it feel like such a luxurious treat. Totally indulgent but affordable enough to make it a regular tradition for date night.

Amber H.

Your Ultimate Relaxation Escape

Are you in need of an indulgent break from the stresses of daily life? It’s time to experience the rejuvenating power of massage therapy at Justy Beauty Lounge. Our massage sanctuary provides a tranquil escape with plush treatment rooms and an expert team of therapists trained in a variety of massage modalities.