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Nail & Skincare

Indulgent Nail & Skin Renewal

Unlock your hair’s full gorgeous potential through the artistry and ingenuity of our master stylists. We specialize in bespoke hair transformations that empower you to look and feel your most radiant, confident self.

Manicure Artistry

From classic to decadent, our talented nail artists transform nails into tiny canvases for self-expression. Choose from a variety of manicure services like long-lasting gel polish, intricate nail art, strengthening treatments and more. Expect pristine results and a deeply relaxing experience.

Pedicure Indulgences

Renew your foot comfort and treat yourself to softened soles with our indulgent pedicure services. A relaxing massage, expert grooming, and nourishing foot treatments leave you walking on clouds. Enhance with decadent extras like hydrating foot masks or embellishments.

Full-Service Waxing

Achieve smooth, hair-free skin with Justy's full-service waxing. Our experienced aestheticians ensure a comfortable, precise experience removing unwanted hair from face to feet and everywhere in between. We use premium hard and soft waxes optimized for delicate and coarse hair.

Advanced Skincare

From revitalizing facials to cutting-edge treatments, we rejuvenate your complexion for a fresh, radiant glow. Our skin experts analyze your unique needs and customize regimens like chemical peels, light therapy, hydrafacials and more to both pamper and perfect your skin.

What Clients Say

The pedicures at Justy Beauty Lounge are pure bliss! From the plush pedicure chairs to the relaxing massages and expert grooming, it's an hour of indulgent self-care. My feet have never felt or looked better thanks to the luxurious products and skilled nail artists.

Karen T.

I struggled with acne for years and tried countless products and treatments with no luck. After just one hydrafacial from Justy Beauty Lounge's skincare experts, I noticed a huge improvement in my complexion. Their cutting-edge facials and customized regimens finally cleared up my skin. I've never felt more confident!

Georgia A.

Waxing had always been a nightmare experience for me until I went to Justy Beauty Lounge. Their aestheticians have a gentle technique that minimizes discomfort and irritation. I'm beyond impressed by how precisely they can shape and sculpt the perfect brow and bikini line. The results last so much longer too!

Tina E.

Experience Pure Pampering Perfection

Experience the renewing transformation of flawlessly groomed nails, satin-smooth skin, and a glowing luminous complexion. Book your tailored nail and skincare ritual today to indulge in head-to-toe perfection.